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About Us

GMT (Grahamandiri Manajemen Terpadu, PT)


Property Management is a private company offers services in property management that. It is founded in june 2003. GMT Property Management provides various in property business include property management as its core service.

GMT has successfully managed more than 60 properties across Indonesia. GMT provides property management services to various type of property such as office building, condominium, apartement, shopping mall & arcade, departement store, real estate, industrial estate, hospital, airport, etc.

GMT profesional and leadership team is very strong based on its experiences and competencies in property and all other support skills and expertise such as management information system, finance and accounting, legal, marketing and operational (mechanical, electrical and civilengineering).



To become the most reliable professional property management company with priority in providing high quality of service for the satisfaction of clients.

To become a professional management company equipped with an advanced integrated and comprehensive business and information technology systems.



To provide an effective and integrated property management system with advanced application software and network system, well trained human resources, and innovation technology.

To provide the best management and service system to its customer as the main priority through providing advanced programns, continuous supervision by its head office as well as conducting regular property management related training programs to the managers and functional staff in the field.